Living From Your INNER GENIE:

Psychic Development 103:  Integrity, Spirituality, Science and Metaphysics

In this course you will be focused on refining your specific psychic abilities and how to best access, utilize and empower yourself to refine your abilities from the previous courses and add the following skills:

•  Remote viewing

•  Continuing practicing and refining “how” you receive psychic insights and answers

You will also continue to increase your expertise in the use of:

• Spiritual protection methods

• How to connect to only the highest spiritual vibrational energy (God/Universal Consciousness, Ascended Masters)

Astonishing results can occur when these practices are incorporated into your daily life, as your ability to “remember” your intuitive (psychic) abilities will be directly proportionate to how much you use what is taught. When combined with a support system (as provided in a course setting) or mentor, these methods create a more powerful, sustainable connection to your Higher Self or Intuition and will EMPOWER YOU.

We are powerful Spiritual Beings having a human experience. When conscious of this, and when deliberately changing our negative or limiting beliefs, we are led to the discovery of ourselves as powerful creators, no longer seeing ourselves as victims.

Our perceived powerlessness and victim-hood has led us to almost destroy Mother Earth. But we can turn our home into heaven on earth by consciously awakening and remembering our true power and interconnectedness.

We are gods and goddesses in the making, and this course is your opportunity to change your entire life for the better and to affect positive change upon everything and everyone around you that are open to such change.

The class meets once a week for a total of 8 class sessions.  If you miss a class, you simply contact Jeannie to schedule a make-up time.

After successful completion of Level III, you will become certified and qualified to enroll in the next level: Living From Your INNER GENIE, Psychic Development 104: Integrity, Spirituality, Science and Metaphysics.



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