Living From Your INNER GENIE:

Psychic Development 101 – Integrity, Spirituality, Science and Metaphysics

This course provides methods of “remembering” how to tap into your Higher Self or what’s often referred to as your Intuition and Psychic abilities; those gut feelings that never steer you wrong.

As you become involved in the course you will find your dominant psychic abilities, having more “Aha” moments, along with deeper insights and more synchronicities and revelations, all of which are part of your true nature and lead to your spiritual liberation. In this sense spiritual liberation means:

•   Easy, practical and safe exercises that you can immediately incorporate into your daily life which provides you with accurate intuitive and psychic guidance

•   You will no longer be at the mercy of an unexamined life of unknown, forgotten perceptions that lead you to “re-act” (constantly repeating the same behavior and restricting feelings)

•    You will become empowered to make conscious choices that make your life happier and healthier

•    You will own your power and will become the truly powerful YOU!

During this course you will learn:

•    What are your dominant psychic abilities and how to strengthen them

• Proper energetic protection methods to insure you only connecting to Spirit Most High/God Consciousness/Ascended Masters/Universal Intelligence (whatever name you feel most comfortable with) to insure your safety

•    Learn how your unique Mind/Body/Spirit speaks to you; your psychic skills

•    How powerful, as a Soul, you really are

•    Spiritual Ethics and why they are important when using your psychic abilities (karma)

•    Become aware of the science of the Zero Point Field and how it relates to your unlimited-self

•   How to use conscious languaging and it’s importance in incorporating it into your daily life to automatically manifest more positive experiences

•   An easy method to clear any unconscious blocks so you immediately begin attracting what you desire in your life much more easily and learn “why” this works

•   The key phrases for obtaining accurate psychic answers

•   Kinesiology techniques to obtain answers

•   How to sense auras and chakras and what useful information they provide

•   Proper use of the pendulum

The reason you can “remember” how to hear your intuition is because you were born with this natural ability; it is always shining in our hearts, never wavering. This natural guidance system is an innate aspect of your Soul.

However, as we go through life, this light of the true self (Soul) often becomes covered with layers of soot-like limiting beliefs and negative conditioning from our experiences. The stress of these life experiences, the anger you might have built up, the fears, and the mistrust, eventually dulls this natural guidance system.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, former Stanford University Medical School Professor, says that 99.9999% of what we believe is unknown to us! In this course, you will uncover these beliefs and blocks, and neutralize the ones that are getting in your way, thus allowing you to discover “What You Need to Know Next” from your Higher Self or Intuition.

Since your spiritual knowing (the “gut feeling”) has only been suppressed, your journey back to this original state is about letting go of false beliefs, limiting perceptions, worry, fear, and unexamined perceptions that you hold. And by understanding how your mind, body, and spirit work together, you will discover the signals that your Soul uses to communicate to you.

In addition to being taught a kinesiology method to verify answers (and how to ask questions to receive accurate answers), protection methods and connecting only to the highest spiritual vibrational energies are learned.

Essentially, the tried and true teachings and methods of the course have been shared around the world, enabling people to REMEMBER their true nature as powerful Spiritual Beings. More than simply tapping into your abilities, the course provides you with the background knowledge, and practical, easy to implement exercises to free you to live from your Higher, Divine Spirit.  Yet this course is even more.

You will also discover INTERCONNECTION.

What does this mean?

The nature of the course also makes you become personally and experientially aware of how we are all interconnected and are all part of the Earth, not simply upon the Earth. When we change, everything around us changes. Quantum science has found that we are not separate from each other and the Universe, and has proven that we are an interconnected energy of light and information.

We are powerful Spiritual Beings having a human experience. When conscious of this, and when deliberately changing our negative or limiting beliefs, we are led to the discovery of ourselves as powerful creators, no longer seeing ourselves as victims. Our perceived powerlessness and victimhood has led us to almost destroy Mother Earth. But we can turn our home into heaven on earth by consciously awakening and remembering our true power and interconnectedness.

We are Gods and Goddesses in the making, and this course is your opportunity to change your entire life for the better and to affect positive change upon everything and everyone around you that are open to such change.

After completion of the course, you will become certified in Level 1 and qualified to enroll in the next level: Living From Your INNER GENIE:  Psychic Development 102: Integrity, Spirituality, Science and Metaphysics.

This course meets once a week for 8 class sessions. If you are unable to attend a class you are welcome to make up a class by scheduling a private appointment with Jeannie.



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