Dr. Mary Asterita-RobolDr. Mary Asterita-Robol, Ph.D., D.O.

At the age of 5, Dr. Mary, remembers each Saturday going to her Catholic Church with her Italian Aunts to prepare the sanctuary for the Sunday Sacred Service of Holy Mass. Even at this young age she knew this was preparation for a dedicated life of service as a Nun. However, her inner “knowing” motivated her to search for answers that she was unable to resolve within herself while being “instructed” at the Convent.

Throughout her 18 years as a Nun, she secretly read books on Metaphysics, Philosophy, and Esoteric Spirituality which only led to more questions. This prompted her to the explore the worlds of Science, Medicine, Mathematics, and even Quantum Physics, leading her to an understanding of how Spirituality and Consciousness explains all the phenomenon that we experience as Reality!

Not only does Dr. Mary embody the vast knowledge of a SCIENTIST, DOCTOR and SPIRITUAL SCHOLAR, she is also an ACCOMPLISHED MUSICIAN of the piano and “Angel Harp” —An Autoharp tuned using channeled Angel energies that is a profound integration of the highest vibration of musical tones and the angelic realms of Universal LOVE and LIGHT. Her music is used to aid YOU in VIBRATIONAL BALANCING and HEALING.


Here is a sample list of her presentations.  If you are interested in having her present, visit her website:



“How Quantum Physics Explains Energy Healing” 

“The Secrets of Accelerated Ascension and the Great Shift in Consciousness” 

All that exists in your reality is shifting and truly undergoing an upgrade at a more rapid rate, into a whole new cycle of life — a new cycle beyond all previous cycles.

You will learn how to more easily navigate through these changes by understanding the scientific basis underlying them and by reawakening within yourself, the higher dimensional tools of Light and Wisdom.

As a result, you are becoming more sensitive to the planetary changes and the Light Rays emanating from the Sun as well as the Cosmic Energies reaching you from the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The energetics shifts are affecting you on every level of your being.

Dr. Mary Asterita-Robol is a master at taking complex data and quantum physics and explain everything so everyone can understand it.

“Its All About Vibrations” 

A seminar with Dr. Mary Asterita-Robol and lecture; a unique and insightful look at the changes before us, combining science and spirituality. She will empower you by connecting the physics of our quantum reality to consciousness and spirituality giving us a unique perspective on the shift.

“The Latest Scientific Evidence on 2012: It’s Significant — But what are you really going to experience?” 

Learn the latest scientific facts about the upcoming planetary and galactic alignments, cosmic cycles, photon belt, electromagnetic fields, crop circles, star gates, current solar system including earth changes, pole shift, and how they influence YOU. Learn valuable tools that enable you to easily ride through current changes, which shift you into the greatest evolutionary jump ever!

Dr. Mary Asterita-Robol, M.S, Ph.D, D.O., a former nun, with a Ph.D. in Biophysics and Physiology and a degree in Theoretical Physics (includes Quantum Physics) from New York University. She taught and did research at Cornell University and Yale. She has also taught at Purdue and Indiana University, School of Medicine. She was one of the first scientists to study the mind/body connection which later became known as Bio-Feedback.

Dr. Asterita-Robol has written extensively in her career and has two books that are currently used at text books at prestigious universities.

You will also have the opportunity to experience healing music from the angelic realms of light played on the Angel Harp by Dr. Mary.

Bridging the Gap Between Quantum Physics and the Spiritual Dimensions of Light 

More and more scientists are coming to accept the role of consciousness in their work. the subatomic particles of quantum mechanics and energy waves of the spiritual dimensions appear to behave in a similar way. Quantum particles, of which we are composed, appear to communicate with each other no matter how far apart they are.

SPECIAL: Experience Angelic music from an Angel Harp played by Dr. Asterita-Robol “… a profound integration of the highest vibration of musical tones and angelic realms of Universal Light and Love.

Master Astrologer, Jungian Psychologist,  and Master of Divinity

Master Astrologer, Jungian Psychologist, and Master of Divinity

Dr. John Wessels as been studying astrology since he was 13 years old.  Being mentored by his great-aunts, who were spiritual and professional astrologers in Philadelphia, he has interpreted thousands of charts.  He combines his wisdom and well as his experience and education in business (MBA), his Master of Divinity and Ph.D. in Jungian Psychology from Duke University to provide you with the most extensive astrological advise you have ever experienced.

Contact him at:  JWessels1@frontier.com