Living From Your INNER GENIE

Psychic Development Classes: Integrity, Spirituality, Science and Metaphysics


A few examples of what you will learn and achieve:

– Specific and easy to use techniques for consistently making choices that make you successful in every area of your life; i.e., personal, financial, career, parenting, self-care, and more…

– Practical, proven exercises to identify and strengthen your dominant intuitive ability; THOSE GUT FEELINGS THAT NEVER STEER YOU WRONG

– Identify what is keeping you from attaining your goals and how to eliminate them easily and quickly

– Techniques to completely eliminate unconscious sabotagers that keep from happiness and success

– What the missing links are to the Law of Attraction, Vision Boards, affirmations, and more

– The latest scientific data that proves you have complete control over your success and how to attain it

– How to easily balance your left and right brain to make decisions that will always make you successful

– How and why your own words may be negating your positive visions, thinking, prayers, and practices and how to change this to be successful

– Becoming a psychic medium

– Becoming a channel for the Ascended Masters

– Medical intuition and healing

There are four levels to the “Living From Your INNER GENIE:  Tap Into Your Psychic and Natural Intuition” courses. Each course is designed for dedicated individuals and meet twice a month for a four month period. Successful completion of each level qualifies you for attendance to the next.

Each course is limited to 12 participants, and will include homework to reinforce and enhance what you will practice in class.  Practicing what is taught in class is essential to your growth and exercises taught in the class are useful in your everyday life, so you can put to use immediately what you are learning.

Prerequisites: Anyone who is sincerely dedicated to their personal growth and willing to practice at least 15 minutes of silent meditation a day, practice the exercises at home and continue using the “Lindwall Releasing” that you also learn in Level I.

No prior intuitive or psychic experiences or training is necessary to attend these classes

It is especially important that before signing up, that you determine whether you are dedicated and committed to yourself and your fellow classmates, as you will be forming a bond as a spiritual support system for this course

Course Descriptions:

    “Living From Your INNER GENIE: Remember How To Tap Into Your Psychic and Natural Intuition”





“Be Psychic Now”

“Activate Your Intuition and Give Personal Messages” (Foundation workshop)

“Giving Remote Readings”

“Identifying and Clearing Emotional and Physical Issues”

“Chakra Healing”

“Past Life Readings”

“Akashic Record Clearing”

“Connecting To Lifetimes In Other Dimensions and Universes”

“EMPATHS:  How To Life In the World Without Being Affected By It”

“Kinesiology: How To Use It For Accurate Answers from Spirit”

“Channeling the Ascended Masters”

“Aura Clearing”

“Identify What Meditation Is Most Effective For You”

“INNER JOURNEY:  Releasing and Neutralizing Your Internal Blocks That Keep You Stuck and Dis-Empowered”

*All workshops and classes are experiential and energetic safety protocols are taught.


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