Meet Jeannie


Internationally known as “The Medium with a Twist”



As a child, Jeannie Whyte found herself with keen psychic abilities—a gift that came with tremendous responsibility.  

She has taken those misunderstood psychic skills along with a childhood filled with physical, emotional and sexual abuse and uses her compassion to bring messages of hope and healing.


Jeannie’s History

In this lifetime, Jeannie chose many trials to overcome.  She was only 17 months old, when she experienced the loss of her Mother and abandonment of her Dad.

Given to an abusive grandmother, she experienced complete domination through verbal, emotional and physical abuse.  She was told she was “just like your Father” who her grandmother accused of killing her Mom.  If that wasn’t enough, the verbal and mental abuse caused her severe anxiety and depression early in her life.

She has taken all of this and learned that if she can overcome these traumas, so can you!

Through years of self-discovery and her conscious spiritual walk, Jeannie has developed her sincere desire to assist others to heal relationships even if the abusers have crossed over.

Plus, her study of the science behind the so-called psychic phenomena brings an authenticity to her work.








-Mind/Body science

-Angel messages

-Ascended Masters (Great White Brotherhood) channel

-Psychic mediumship

-Matrix Energetics Practitioner and Study Group Leader

-Usui Reiki Master

-Usui Tibetan Reiki Master

-Archangel Light Practitioner

-Power of Intention

Jeannie’s psychic abilities, professional experience, and her spiritual teaching allows her to help people to heal themselves and to dramatically change any undesired aspects of their lives. She has created courses and techniques that teach others how to tap into their intuitive abilities and strengthen their accuracy and connection with Spirit/God/Source and with the Ascended Masters.

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