“The Medium with a Twist”

Jeannie S. Whyte

Spiritual Psychic-Medium and Intuitive Energy Healer


Globally renowned for delivering heartfelt messages from

the Other Side, Jeannie Whyte is truly gifted in bringing

through validation from loved ones in Heaven.  Known as

“The Medium with a Twist” because she not only brings

messages from the Ascended Masters and departed loved

ones, but you also receive immediate healing from her vast

experience as an intuitive energy healer.  


For a personal, healing and uplifting psychic reading to questions about your life, your relationships, career, and comforting messages from departed loved ones, contact her now at:  Jeannie@WhyteLightCenter.com


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CLICK below to view the “Be Psychic Now” Workshop with Jeannie Whyte, Conducted in Aruba

“Be Psychic Now” Workshop (YouTube)

"Be Psychic Now" Workshop

“Be Psychic Now” Workshop



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